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Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Understanding of Value

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Our consultants use insights from interdisciplinary knowledge to provide you with unique value.

Business Strategy and Risk Assessment Consulting

We provide market research and strategies to help you stand out among the competition and help you better deal with risks and opportunities.

Philosophy of Value and Innovation

Our proprietary system of mental models can help you make better decisions that align with the long term vision of your business.

Technological Consulting

We build mobile optimized websites using React and Bootstrap, and Android and iOS apps using React Native.

Cryptocurrency Analysis

Check out our cryptocurrency market analysis reports at Crypto Chasers Confidential.

About Us

We are the leading experts in understanding value with an interdisciplinary approach.

We rethink what is truly valuable and how to maximize unique value.

We provide business strategy consulting using insights from interdisciplinary knowledge. Here are documents outlining the main theories we apply in our consulting to give your business or organization the competitive edge.

Lecture series on "What is Value?"

Part 1: Mythology


Success stories from our clients.

Wuqiong really does take his management consulting to a whole new level. He looks at the n-dimensional jigsaw puzzle in real time and distills the empirical and existential down to the important trade offs that are sometimes necessary in complex situations. He helped me remove my own cognitive biases and see the bigger picture. I would definitely recommend Mimetic Arbitrage services!

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Our consultants curiously explore your problems with an unbiased beginner's mind, then apply a wide range of knowledge to find efficient, creative solutions.

Wuqiong Fan


Nisarga Patel

Technology Consultant

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